Andhra - Tour Packages

Andhra Pradesh- TOUR PACKAGES


State capital: Hyderabad

Population: 74 million

Area: 275000 sq. km

Language: Telugu and Urdu

Best Season: October to February


Andhra Pradeshcomprises of fertile coastal plains, semi arid Deccan plateau and the hillscapes of the Eastern Ghats. The warm and friendly Andhras are an ancient people who can trace their roots and history to the Mauryan period and have a great interest in arts, crafts and dance. Exquisite crafts, glorious reminders of the past, vibrant festivities, irresistible delicacies coupled w with charming features of the people and the musical mother tongue Telugu leave behind everlasting impressions. Some of the incredible sights of Andhra Pradesh are the world’s tallest Masonry dam, million year old caves, South Asia’s first lion safari and the world’s richest temple.





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